About Us

The Diaspora Community Projects (DCP) is a BME led community organisation that has been at the forefront of the economic development, training and career advancement of people from local communities with particular focus on employment support for the marginalised communities.
We are accredited training providers for a number of job-related skills training programmes including NVQs and apprenticeships. They include Health and Social Care, Business& Administration, Security (SIA) and Cleaning.

As part of our employment support scheme, we work in partnership with various national and local organisations to offer training and employent opportunities to the local community. This service comes with our bespoke quality one-2-one career advice and support to give the long-term unemployed an opportunity to kick-start their career.

Currently, we have on offer a number of training and employment support courses which include Free NVQ levels 2&3 in Health and Social care, Business & Administration, Leadership & Management and Customer Service. On employment opportunities, we are now delivering Security, Cleaning and Health Care recruitment services.

Through our very successful training programmes which include work placements, we can guarantee highly trained and motivated staff in cleaning, healthcare Assistants/Support Workers and Security Officers under our new win-win work programme. Under this programme, established businesses get our highly trained and vetted staff from ourselves to work for them. with minimal cost for the labour as well as offering an opportunity to improve living standards of local people.

In addition, working with us helps your businesses in contributing to highly valued social responsibility strategies embraced by most national and international organisations.

Since 2005, DCP has developed itself as a social enterprise ie engaging in trading activities to support most of its community work.

Working as a social enterprise DCP has managed to win confidence within the public and private sector alike and with this we have seen sales increase steadily in the past few years despite the economic down turn that has made many charitable organisations and businesses close.

Because of our unique market target as well as our excellence in quality service, many private and public organisations have been able to work with us as we provide a vital link to working with the most vulnerable and marginalised members of the society.

At DCP we have our fingers on the pulse of our communities, ready to help transform how they learn, how they find jobs and how they do them, how they access public services and how they develop creativity to make the most of time and effectively contribute to the economy in the UK an abroad.

We also specialise in offering a wide range of development and support services to individuals (employed and unemployed) and businesses, (consultancy) both in the private and voluntary sectors.

Due to the nature of our business, we work with a team of highly skilled and experienced people –paid and on voluntary basis to provide the best service you can expect in the third sector.
We have a clear commitment to diversity and experience achieving a balanced social mix for the youth and adults and partnership with key stakeholders like the DWP, Jobcentre Plus, local colleges and schools.

When it comes to recruiting quality staff and trainees, our success is partly due to our approach to embedding IAG and skills development throughout our programmes combined with 1-2-1 personal support and continuing counselling, mentoring, coaching and inspiration.

Together with our associated partners in the UK, DCP is continually testing and pioneering new ideas in different development spheres such as training/assessment, regeneration, recycling, sustainability programmes etc.

For more details about working with us, please email us on: info@diasporacp.org

The Diaspora Community Projects was founded in 2004 by a team of community development enthusiasts and professionals who wanted to make a lasting difference in their community. Members of any Diaspora community (migrants) in Europe or any other part of the world face unique challenges which only they themselves can understand. Most of these people have dependants who are relatives and friends back from their countries of origin; Others find it hard to get into their careers of choice in their host countries and have to settle for jobs that are well beneath their qualifications while many others struggle to gain status to work and study without immigration restrictions. Besides, we have those of us who are committed to changing the Social Economic situations in their home countries through different community projects. It is against this background that The Diaspora Community Projects was set up to offer support and help members of the Diaspora Communities in Europe to make most of their potentials here and back in their home countries. It is worth noting that all the projects that we do are in direct response to identified needs by the various Diaspora Communities in Europe and abroad and also must have clients ready and willing to take part in the projects.